I've been photographing super in love couples for 10 years, I started shooting weddings at the age of 15!

I married my opposite. I'm a little crazy and he's the calm, stable type. We're pretty much weirdos together

Forever in love with New Girl. I associate most with Jess haha the singing, the falling, everything

Our dog Milo is basically our first born. he brings all the hype and will 100% attack you with love if you ever come to our home. he thinks he's a human too

I love to dance however I'm very bad at it. Jrod calls me Gumby (I'm a lot of arms and legs). I will be the freak on the dance floor at your wedding, get ready!


a few more things about me

Hey there, Mariah here! If you're wondering how to say my last name, it's easier than you think..."Old-acre" like an old acre of land :) 

Living in the great city of Huntsville Alabama with my curly headed husband and crazy golden doodle pup! My husband, Jared (or JROD for short) is seriously the coolest guy ever. He's an engineer during the week and my sidekick on the weekends! He also loves woodworking so our home is full of impressive handmade furniture! Milo just runs around and does Milo things, he's basically my child and loves any form of affection. Please ask me about my dog haha

We love hanging out at our sweet home and making new things, exploring local thrift and antique stores, traveling to new places, working out, gardening, and watching New Girl, Youtube, or any suspenseful movie! And PSA we know how to get down on the dance floor, so weddings are kind of our thing. We don't have a ton of rhythm but you know we do our thing...

I've had the privilege of photographing joy for 10 years, holy cow how has it been that long?? I started shooting weddings (and pretty much everything else lol) in high school! The craft then carried over into college to fuel my love for pizza and chocolate chip cookies :) I spent a couple years at the beautiful campus of Mississippi College then graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a degree in Graphic Design. But let's be real, photography was my first love!

I've photographed so many things: seniors, families, sports (lol never again), couples, pets, and weddings. But I've discovered the mixture of emotions experienced on a wedding day is my ultimate bread and butter. I love the tears, special details, intimate moments, and of course a giant dance party at the end (can't forget about the cake..ooh the cake!!) and I honestly love the family aspect of a wedding. Don't get me wrong, I love a good elopement, but a full day of being surrounded by everyone that loves you and supports you?? We love all the feels!

Anyways, that's me! It's so good to virtually meet you! Let's be friends in real life :)

So if it sounds like we should be friends, go ahead and say hello!