So you just got engaged and booked your venue (congrats!!) and now you’re on the search for the best photographer (among thousands) and you have no idea how to choose which is the best fit...there are so many options to choose from, different price points, and huge personality do you choose? What’s most important? While you probably have a few ideas of what you’re looking for in a wedding photographer, we hope this article helps you make an educated decision on who is the best fit for you and your wedding day!


“Could you describe your photographic style/approach?”

this question is super important because you need to know that you and your potential photographer are a good fit for each other and are on the same page from the start. You should like their work AND their personality and those two things shouldn’t be overlooked, both are crucial. If you’re really into candids and fun-loving photographs but the photographer you’re interested in is more into posed and serene photographs, it may not be the best fit and you’ll both walk away feeling discouraged. Choose someone that feels like a friend and shoots photos that you could see yourself in!

100% always ask this question. The truth is, anyone can pick their favorite 10 images and blast them all over their website. Weddings are full of challenging lighting scenarios and every single wedding is different so it’s important you see exemplary work from every part of weddings they’ve photographed in the past. This will help you make an educated decision on who you will invest in for your wedding day!

“Can I see a full gallery?”

Reality is, you’re going to be around your photographer all day. Usually the planner/coordinator will create a timeline for the day but you need to make sure your photographer is organized and creates a timeline just for photos. The majority of the time prior to the ceremony is spent taking photos and only he/she knows how long it takes them to photograph certain parts of the wedding day so it’s important they provide this. It will also give you confidence in them and their ability to photograph your wedding well.

“Do you create a timeline for photos on the wedding day?”

Please please please ask this. I’ve heard too many horror stories of people never hearing from their photographer after their wedding day which is a huge shame. Your photographer should be great at communicating with you from the very beginning and if there are any red flags in the beginning, take those into huge consideration! It’s their job to manage expectations from the get go :) Make sure you’re choosing someone who is reliable!

“When can I expect to see the full gallery after the wedding day is over?”

Pro-tip: FULLY read their contract (and FAQ page if they offer that) before signing, this will often clear up any questions you might have later on and sets expectations from the beginning!