Do you like their work and style?

This is an obvious one for sure and it’s likely the way you were drawn to them in the first place, but ask yourself if you actually like the work that they do! If you’re more of a boho bride with a laid back style, you may not want to hire a traditional florist. 


Second to actually liking their work and style, ask yourself if you genuinely get along with them? Do they feel like a friend? Most of the people you hire for your wedding day will be surrounding you on your wedding day (crazy I know haha) so it make sense that you two should get along!

Are they good at communicating?

Whether it’s through email, text, Facebook, or Instagram...are they easy to communicate with? Do they respond promptly or do you know when to expect a reply from them? Vendors should be setting expectations for you, if they don’t, ask them! It’s crucial that you can rely on them and that they’re dependable before the week of the wedding!

Do they have good reviews?

This may seem like a no-brainer...but it’s really important! Whether it’s through Google, Wedding Wire/The Knot, or Facebook, most vendors have a way of collecting reviews. Be sure to read through the bad ones AND the good ones. This should help you know what to expect from them.

Do they have a contract?

Ok this for real matters. Make sure you sign a contract and read through it fully! If they don’t have a contract, this may be a red flag...You should be hiring people that you trust and their contract should lay out every legal expectation for you!

If you don’t know where to look, ask the vendors you’ve already booked (the ones you already trust) for some recommendations! We do weddings almost every weekend so we’ve met a lot of people and know who is dependable :)