Grant + Jada + Gray

I don’t post family sessions very often but I actually photograph a lot of them! A couple of my best friends got together and made a baby so we had to do one for them of course 🙂 His name is Gray and he’s quite possibly the cutest newborn I’ve ever seen. He has Jada’s eyes and I’m pretty obsessed! They stopped by our home on the way to North Carolina so we had to get some photos (of course) but it rained literally all morning. So instead of braving the weather with a newborn, we set up some lights, cleared a wall, and took photos anyway!

You do what you have to do!
And when spit up happens out of nowhere…
Daddy catches it.
What else are dads for?? 😉
Sweet baby feet! Jada said she specifically wanted to remember how little his feet are…

Indoor Rainy Day Family Session

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