01. Discover what’s most important to you

Take a moment and think about your relationship together, what are some special moments or places that bring back nostalgia for you. If it’s a favorite restaurant, maybe consider having them cater! Do you love taking polaroids on all your adventures together? What about a polaroid photo booth for your wedding! Are you more likely to enjoy a smaller setting with a few friends? Then just invite those that have made a huge impact in your life so far. Or maybe you never wear heels in real life, why change that now? Just ask yourself, do the details make sense to you? Or are you planning your wedding to make someone else happy?

02. Hire a planner or a coordinator to handle the details on the day of your wedding

If it’s not in your budget to hire a planner for your entire wedding planning process, a coordinator is definitely worth the investment. At the very least, grab a family friend who has a type A personality and is good at keeping things organized. You may be doing all of the tasks and planning leading up to the wedding day, but trust me, you don’t want to be the lead organizer on the day of your wedding! This is a day where you’ll want to sit back and enjoy each sweet moment. God forbid something goes wrong but in case they do, you’ll want someone handling mishaps behind the scenes so that you can fully enjoy your wedding day.

03. Trust your photographer and enjoy the moment

Most people I talk to say that photos are the most important part to them (for obvious reasons because this is how you’ll look back on that day!) but don’t get so caught up in how the photos go that you don’t relax and enjoy the moments on your wedding day. You’ll be with your photographer for the majority of your wedding day so make sure you pick someone that is reliable, trustworthy, and covers everything you want photos of. If you hire someone you trust, then you don’t have to worry about everything getting covered. When you’re focused completely on the day and your spouse, the photos will feel that much more special afterwards!