This bridal session was completely different from most that I shoot. Why? Well for starters, it was in the middle of a tornado.

Kiley drove about 5 hours for her bridal session with me in Huntsville Alabama. A few weeks before, I went ahead and set up an indoor location that had tons of variety, good lighting, and it was a clean space to make sure we didn’t get her dress too dirty.

Fast forward to the day of our session: I planned to get to the location about 20 minutes early to make sure everything was in order by the time Kiley got there. The skies were a little dark and it was about to pour down rain, so shooting outside definitely was not an option that day. The planned location was locked up for some reason and of course I began to panic because this was the planned location all along. This particular warehouse closed due to a tornado circling over our heads (and rightfully so I guess lol) but no one informed me of the change!

New to Huntsville, I didn’t know of many other indoor locations that would host us during a tornado…also, cancelling wasn’t an option considering they’d already driven so far. I started calling everyone I could think of and within a few moments, the owner of Stovehouse (a new development right down the road) called me back. They were so gracious to let us photograph in their unfinished warehouse space last minute… and I have to say, the photos turned out AMAZING!

The floors were pretty dirty, so we got creative. Kiley wore her tennis shoes for comfort and her friend, Kendall spotted a fold up table for her to stand on 🙂

Sometimes you need a little push (and maybe a little panic) to pull out the creative juices in you. I’m finding that I thrive in those moments that don’t quite go as planned. It’s definitely stressful when things don’t go the way you think they will, but I get some of the best photographs, and memories, that way!

Location: Stovehouse

Florals: Whitney Norris Floral Designs

Warehouse Bridal Session

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