First and foremost, this is a guide for you...not a rule book! This is just based on my own personal experiences as well as past experiences with clients. You could show up in potato sacks and I wouldn’t mind, we’d still make magic for you! At the end of the day, be yourself and the photos will be so memorable!


I know what it feels like to not know what to wear on a shoot, especially if you’ve never done one before. It’s intimidating to think about and you immediately want to run to the store and buy a new outfit. Let me save you some time and money...don’t go shopping! Usually when a client runs to the store to get a new outfit for a shoot, they end up not feeling super confident and end up fiddling with their outfit the entire time of the session (and you’ll probably only wear it that one time). 

Our time together is about you and your love for one another, it’s most definitely not about the clothes you’re wearing! I want this session to be a clear representation of who you are, right now in this season of life. So go to your closet and think of your power outfit, the combo you put on when you’re determined to have a good day and feel good about yourself. This outfit has already proven itself and you already feel like your best self wearing it!

Let your man be himself! Most guys don’t like dressing up in a button down anyways so don’t make him! Give him a sigh of relief in telling him he can dress as 
himself. I’m not saying he has to wear sweatpants or gym shorts, but if his style isn’t normally super formal...then he doesn’t have to act like it for photos!

Wear something you’ll look back on in five, ten, twenty years and say to yourself, “yep that was me!” If it’s ripped jeans, wear ‘em! If it’s a beany...bring it!


Make sure your outfit makes sense. If it’s freezing outside, you may want to dress in layers and leave that cute tank top for your summer session! 

Prepare for the weather ahead of time. If we’re hiking to our spot or hanging out on the beach...heels aren’t really a good idea (honestly, heels are never really a good idea and you’ll probably just end up taking them off)

Wear something comfortable! The last thing you want to do is fidget with your outfit the entire time. If it’s hot outside, think about pit stains... if it’s cold outside, wear warm socks and a coat.


Colors are an important concept to talk about here because some colors just photograph better than others. My advice would be to stay in the neutral/warmer color range. This doesn’t mean you’re stuck to tan and grey, every color has a neutral version (mustard yellow, burnt orange, rusty red, navy blue)

Stay away from fluorescent colors, they’re distracting and discolor your skin tones in photos. I also don’t recommend wearing pink, bright red, or bright oranges. You want to wear something that doesn’t distract from your faces. I’m all about those pretty faces!

Coordinate your colors and avoid the matchy matchy scenario. At the same time though, you want them to at least somewhat go together. Pick colors that compliment each other well!


Avoid large, bold patterns that draw more attention to what you’re wearing than who you are. Subtle patterns are fine and I’m all about a cozy flannel! Think of your accessories too! Wear jewelry that compliments the outfit and doesn’t distract too much from what’s going on in the moment. Accessories can be props too!

I don’t bring props to any session I shoot. I want your time with me to be focused on you and your personalities. And quite honestly, I don’t recommend bringing chalk boards or cheap hobby lobby props. If you found it on pinterest, it will most likely not reflect you in the next ten years.

However think of other accessories you could bring that tell more about who you are and what you love! If you have a dog or cat, bring him/her! If you met cycling, bring your bikes! If you love coffee, let’s meet at a coffee shop and take photos there! If you wear tons of rings on the reg, wear them to the session! If you love to go camping on the weekends, let’s lay out a blanket, build a fire, and make some smores! Get creative and make the most of this session!


You’re more than welcome to hire someone to do your hair and makeup, just remember to stay consistent with your personality. If you wear minimal makeup everyday, then wear minimal makeup during your shoot! I think it’s beautiful and an honest representation of who you are! 

If you do decide to hire some help, I recommend you schedule to be done at least an hour ahead of time so you’re not rushed and frazzled when you get to the shoot location. And if you’re white and feeling like a spray tan, I would recommend getting a suuuper natural one so you aren’t orange in the photos :)


Why get fancy and put on a million layers for photos in your own house? The point of this shoot is to show who you are at home, cuddled up on the couch and completely comfortable, barefoot and all.

Don’t be afraid to show some skin on this session with me, it increases connection between the two of you and honestly makes more sense to the eye when you see the final images! 

Pick out a few tank tops you like and throw on some jean shorts! Make some hot cocoa (or coffee), light a candle, and get comfy!


At the end of the day, be yourself! Dress like yourself! If you wear sneakers literally everyday, perfect. That comfy sweater you always come back to? Yes. That band t-shirt your mom hates, wear it! I want these photos to be a legacy of who you are right now in this moment of life, that’s what I want to document! 

If you have any other questions or just wanna run some outfit ideas by me, just reach out! You do you and I promise the photos will turn out amazing.