Caleb + Alex

Torrey Pines, San Diego California

Intimate Love Session in San Diego

Caleb and Alex met at a pie walk in the fifth grade, of course they hit it off from the start because Alex told me she gave him her mom’s phone number. They lost touch through high school and college but reconnected after Caleb got a job working for her mom. Her mom would come home talking about how much she loved this Caleb guy, so Alex began to wonder if he remembered her…the moment they reconnected, Alex said she immediately knew she was going to love him forever.

Alex was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and struggled for a period of eight months being bedridden and discouraged because of the medicine she was taking..Caleb encouraged her through it all while helping her build back her strength through swimming and other exercises. He came along when she felt like she had lost all of her friends, she prayed for a friend and Caleb became that answered prayer.

They’ve been together for almost four years now and have a wild, adventurous love for one another. Their love is secure and based on years of learning each other and it was truly an inspiration to hang out with them!

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