Carey + Vanessa

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego CA

Carey and Vanessa met in college at Vanderbilt. She’s originally from Florida and he’s from Ohio, so the obvious question did you guys end up in LA? Vanessa’s response: “I got a job offer…” Carey’s response: “I was smart enough to follow her”

Carey proposed at the beginning of March and she was so surprised! He reserved an Airbnb just to propose in the backyard with flower petals leading up to the spot.

He asked her to marry him with her grandmother’s diamond, resting in a setting he’d picked out all on his own.

These two are not normal. The entire session I was praising the good Lord Jesus because they were so natural with each other. It was obvious they’d loved each other for awhile. They’re also some of the kindest humans I’ve ever met…they drove all the way to San Diego for the shoot, risked their lives on some cliffs (being a little dramatic, but they were high cliffs!), got soaking wet by the waves as the tide rose, and Vanessa even changed in the road (with the protection of a towel of course) for us!

Dress: Heidi Elnora: Felicia Harrell Build-A-Bride Collection

Flowers: Native Poppy

Sunset Cliffs Engagement

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