This Huntsville engagement session was so much fun to be apart of! Ethan and McKayla are those people you meet one time and you instantly feel like best friends. We met up in downtown Huntsville and just explored for a bit; they’re so comfortable and obviously in love that my job as the photographer felt effortless. They met in youth group and like any good church relationship…it was awkward at first. It took them awhile to get to the “dating” stage but ever since they did, they never looked back! They have the sweetest personalities and care so much for one another. While wedding planning can be stressful, Ethan and McKayla are having the best time growing more in love than ever. It helped that they laughed a lot at my awkward prompts and went along with it when I would randomly yell “Ok, now run!” They give off so much joy that I left the session feeling refreshed and energized.

Downtown Huntsville Engagement Session – Ethan + McKayla

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