Meg + Hunter + Landon

When we met at Rainbow Mountain for their engagement and maternity session, I knew from the start that Meg and Hunter were different.

Meg is bold and beautiful of course all on her own, but seeing how Hunter gently interacted with her throughout the shoot really gave me a glimpse of who they were as a couple. Call me crazy because we chose a location with huge boulders and I asked a pregnant lady to climb all over them. Believe me, I was nervous but Hunter was so protective and sweet towards her. Aint no way Meg was falling on his watch. I gained a huge respect for both of them and I know they will be incredible parents to baby Landon!

They love each other so faithfully and I cannot wait to be apart of their wedding day in September! (and selfishly I can’t wait to meet sweet Landon)




Rocky Engagement and Maternity Adventure

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