This engagement session was different.

If you don’t know Jake and Maria…let me introduce you. Maria is one of those girls that’ll laugh, cry, travel the world, and embrace every adventure with you. She’s hilarious and poetic and can dress fancy with the best of them. I’ve known her for awhile and we actually became friends in London of all places, she’s one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. And Jake… well if he loves a girl that amazing then he’s got great taste 😉

When it rains on a session, the client is usually one of two people: they either freak out and think the session just isn’t going to work or be what they wanted…OR they embrace it and you get incredible images and really fun memories. Jake and Maria TOTALLY embraced it. Maria even said, “actually, I really like that it turned out like this because it reminds me of the day he proposed.” They just enjoyed every minute of being together, whether it was raining or not. That’s what made the session so great and reminds me of why I started doing this thing: for people like that! It wasn’t the lighting or the scenery, it was the love they have for each other that made these photos remarkable and worthy of remembering.

Also… I really can’t wait for their wedding in May 🙂

Rainy Birmingham Engagement – Jake + Maria

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