Auston told me he wanted to propose to Lynlee in Washington D.C. and it turned out to be absolutely perfect. He was able to keep the destination a surprise until they arrived to the airport. It definitely helped that they had friends already in D.C. so the agenda wasn’t too obvious. I secretly flew up on Thursday to scout out the location and they followed on Friday. He took her out to a nice dinner on Friday night and mentioned that they’d have an early morning on Saturday so they didn’t explore too late. Meanwhile, my friend and I were collecting rose petals in her apartment to prepare for our plans on Saturday 🙂

When their Uber dropped them off at a secluded location, Lynlee began to wonder what was up. Surely there wasn’t a breakfast spot here and the long walk made her wonder if the situation was turning into a creepy horror film..nonetheless she followed Auston and they eventually found the rose petals. Leading her closer to the lookout, he paused and said a few words only she could hear. Then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Lynlee cried but mostly laughed, they were so happy. We met back up at the end of the day for sunset photos near the Washington monument!

Washington D.C. Surprise Proposal – Auston + Lynlee

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